Single Cigarette Vending  Machine Cigarette Packet Vending Machine Coin Operated Bathroom Lock Make money while you sleep
Make money from selling "Loose".

  • Only legal way to sell loose cigarettes
  • Dispenses single cigarettes
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • Holds 400 cigarettes
  • Product window
  • Built-in humidifier for product freshness
  • Totally mechanical
  • Two coin mechanism
  • Up-gradeable to any coins
  • Secure wall mounted unit
  • Total vending machine can be branded

R 4 999.99 each + Vat

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How Does It Work?
There are Three easy steps...

  1. Insert 50c on the right side  and R1 on the left side.
  2. Turn handle SLOWLY in a full circle, clock wise, 360 degrees
  3. Remove the cigarette
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Questions and Answers on the Single Cigarette Vending Machine (CVM)

Q 1. Why choose the Single Cigarette Vending machine as my investment ?
A 1.   a)      
More than 40 % of all South Africans smoke.

b)       The lower income group prefers to buy single cigarettes because packets of cigarettes has become very expensive and they don’t have to share.

Q 2. How will I be able to compete with a current retail outlet ?
A 2.   You do not need premises or expensive staff to man the CVM’s. Even if the labor forces strike your product still sells.

Q 3. How long will it take before I have my money back ?       
A 3.   The return on investment is between 3-5 months, +- 400% per year !!! (Depends on location and management)

Q 4. Does the CVM require electricity ?
A 4.  No, the CVM is fully mechanical and does not need electricity source and can be placed anywhere.

Q 5. What about the government legislation?
A 5.  The Government legislation specifies that no tobacco product may be sold to any person under theage of 18 years, therefore it is important that when placing a CVM is should be placed where persons under the age of 18 is not allowed or where there is supervision to ensure no cigarettes is sold to persons under 18 years old. It is also part of the “Placement Agreement” that the owner of the  premises take full responsibility for ensuring that no persons under the age of 18 years will use the CVM.

Q 6. What will be ideal locations for the CVM ?
A 6. Factories, Workshops, Companies, Coffee Shops, Bars, Hotels, Police Stations, Jails, Mines, Hostels, Universities, Technicons, Video Shops, Pizza Outlets, Petrol Stations, Army Camps, Fire Stations, Busses, Taxi’s exc.

Q 7. Can I up-grade from 70c to R1.00 (2 x 50c) or R1 coin or  R1 + 50c, R2 ?
A 7.  a) Yes, by replacing the coin holder in the coin mechanism you can up-grade. Cost +-R 350.00
        b)When placing your order you can specify your coin setting.

Q 8. Is parts on the CVM freely available and can I service my own CVM machines ?
A 8.  Yes, parts are freely available and we will supply you with a service instruction booklet.

Q 9. Can the CVM withstand abuse ?
A9.  The CVM has been made VERY strong and tamper proof and if properly installed, will withstand almost any attempt of vandalism and theft. The coin mechanism has various security features of which one is a built-in clutch system that will prevent the breaking of the mechanism by force. It also detects for metallic or non-metallic coins. The coin mechanism used is by far the best available on the market!

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Window Spec

Load Capacity


450 mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 150 mm (D)

1.6 mm Steel Sheeting +2mm Galvanized Backplate

2 Layers of White Epoxy Coating

10 mm Polycarbonate

400 Cigarettes

50mm High Security Insurance Lock +2 Keys
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Number of CVM
Cigarette Cost
Cigarette Retail
Cigarettes sold per machine per Day
Cigaretts Solds P/M
Turnover per Month
Gross Profit P/M

Month 1
R 0.50
R 1.00

R 33000
R 16 500

Month 2
R 0.50
R 1.00

R 44000
R 22 000

Month 3
R 0.50
R 1.00

R 55000
R 27 500

Month 4
R 0.50
R 1.00

R 66000
R 33 000

Month 5
R 0.50
R 1.00

R38 500

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